blue salt records

When you are in a band and manage everything yourself, it is often hard to come across a resource that will produce physical copies of your music within a reasonable price range. Vinyl records are extremely expensive to produce, and the cost of CD’s add up quickly while also becoming less popular due to progressing technology. Believe it or not, cassettes are making a huge comeback since they are the cheapest to manufacture while still a collectable item. With this in mind, Blue Salt Records was founded in October of 2018 when my friend Brianna Snider and I wanted to create a resource for physical music focusing on cassettes. Because of its affordable nature and customizable features, cassettes seemed to be the best way to go. Functioning as both a record label and production company, Blue Salt Records aims to focus on small runs of cassettes for artists and bands, since everyone deserves to hold a physical copy of their music.


The label got it’s name after Brianna and I combined our band names together; Brianna’s being “Saltlick” and mine being “Tiny Blue Ghost.” Since the shape of a salt shaker could be modified to mimic a cassette, it only made sense to choose “Blue Salt” as the name. I wanted the overall look of the label to seem professional but fun, since it is a DIY label after all. It’s an interesting juxtaposition to be in a band and also run a record label, but it definitely helps provide insight on what’s honest and fair and how things should be managed. Merchandise sales are one of the top ways a band can make a profit, so it is extremely important to us that everything is handled with the love and care it deserves.

Aside from handling the production of cassettes, Blue Salt Records also creates promotional material for social media platforms. This is an example of one of the releases we’ve done - banners are created for our official website, along with our twitter and facebook pages. Product mockups are created so both the label and band can easily post images to social media. All social collateral is handed off to the musical artist we are working with to post at their own discretion.

Nearly all of the releases we’ve worked on already had art created for them, so I handle rendering the mockups with the pre-existing artwork. The example shown here is “The Divide” by Luciano Ferrara, a folk-rock artist from Albany NY, and the artwork was done by NYC-based illustrator Ilana Hope. I also create short video posts highlighting 15-30 seconds of a song with one of the product images; it’s important that your audience gets to see AND hear the music when scrolling through their newsfeeds,

The best part about this label is getting to work with the many talented individuals it takes to create a cohesive album release. The collaborative nature of Blue Salt Records allows it to grow in a multitude of directions, while also allowing the bands we work with to grow. As our motto says, “Blue Salt Records is BY bands, FOR bands.” Visit our website at to see what we’ve been up to! Who knows, maybe you’ll find your next favorite band through us.